Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Me + Dance = Stable!!!!

So today was my first day back in dance after nearly 4 months.... Twas a long crazy summer and it was honestly the best and worst summer of my life seeing as how my summers normally just include renting movies by myself and not being in contact with another human being for months on end.... At least this one was eventful, even if they were horrible. lol I learned ALOT and gave up even more, faught to let go of the past and see a brighter future which after being in dance i realized its the only thing i want to do with my life and nothing and noone will ever come between me and my dream again. I may not be the best dancer now, but i promise myself right now that by the end of the year i will be the best i could be weither or not i started dancing at the age of 4 or 18. And i'm letting go of everything shitty the past year and remembering the good times because i deserve good memories. Here's to a fresh start, new beginnings, and hopefully a new be for the better from here on out.

I Uploaded this video just because i love this song and i find it kinda inspirational.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bad Haircut! And then some... period

My hair looks like shit.... period

I've alienated all my friends... period

I hate my jobs that don't give me enough money... period

People wanna fuck me but not date me... period

I'll never be anyones number one.... period

I'll never be even close to an alright of a dancer... period

I have a bad digestive system... period

Something best not mentioned... period

I'm having crazy mood swings.... period

I'm starving and theres nothing in the house to make that won't give me the runs during work tomorrow... period

Everyone thinks i'm crazy... period

I probably am crazy... period

My dick hurts to get hard and i barely feel any sensation, never really have... period

I want someone who i'm attracted to physically and mentally not just one or the other.... period

I want someone who i'm attracted to physically and mentally to want to be with me... period

Being single sucks... period

I'm a virgin... period

I have no friends... period

I never get out of this house... period

I can't do anything right... period

Like anyone who reads this will give a shit... period

I'm in a swallow a bottle of pills mood... period

Everyone who i start seeing ends up fucking someone else while still seeing me... period

I'm on my man period... period

FML... period


I love Lady Gaga.... Period

Monday, August 24, 2009

True Blood New Episode!!!

Okay, so this week was fucking amazing! I can't even describe how awesome it was cause i don't wanna spoil it for those who haven't seen it. Just be prepared to say, holy shit, wtf was that? And thats sick! I have never seen a show soo amazing before... It has everything you can possibly ask for... Love , sex, violence, action, drama, mystery, sexy as fuck actors, amazing plot and story line, great acting, connection with all the characters at some point, has vampires, among many other supernatural beings, teaches tolerance towards gays and such seeing as how the entire show is a big metaphor. I am too excited for next weeks episode i can't wait that long! Only one more episode left till the season finale! Oh boy! It's gonna be good! =D

Thursday, August 20, 2009


So have you ever needed to get over someone to finally do it and be happy for a little while, just to have a wonderful dream about them and wake up to find out it wasn't real? It fuckin sucks ass! You end up right back in square one, even if you don't like the person anymore, it still stings like a bitch! I know i have my issues, but what the fuck is wrong with people.. For the longest time, i blamed myself for certain shit that happened.. Saw myself as the bad guy, the crazy one... But i know now thats not true. These people are fucking losers who haven't amounted to anything and never will. They refuse to look at themselves in the mirror and deal with their own issues, so they make themselves feel better by making the people around them go crazy and fuck with their heads to make themselves feel normal... Now listen, people say i'm dramatic, sure, at times that is true... BUT... I HATE DRAMA!!!! I don't start drama, i don't do things to piss people off for no reason. What happens is people claim to hate drama, yet they cause the most out of anyone. What they do is play games with people, knowing how they will react, and then get pissed off when the other other people get pissed off and don't wanna take their crap anymore.... Personally, i fucking hate drama, i hate being in a bad mood, i hate fighting with my friends and never speaking to them again, i hate having my heart broken, i hate feeling like this... BUT IF YOU FUCK WITH ME, PREPARE TO BE BITCHED THE FUCK OUT!!!! I DON'T TOLERATE PEOPLE PLAYING GAMES WITH ME!!!! so if you don't want drama, stop causing it you fucking morons... This goes out to all those people who've never called back, flaked out, cheated, done something to make you jelous purposely, flashed an ex or a new relationship in your face, broke their promises consistently, made people feel like they were crazy when all their assumptions turned out to be true (you know who you are), lead people on, rebounded on a virgin who's never even kissed anyone before and has feelings for you, and to all those fuckers who can't live up to their responsibilities so they have to pretend like it never happened just to be able to sleep at night... You will be miserable fuckers always and you know it, thats why you can't handle being around descent human beings because you are not one. I don't have to hope you live a miserable lonely grumpy life, because i already know you will. You don't give a fuck about anyone but yourself so noone will ever give a fuck about you, at least not for long. Rot in hell you whorish pieces of shit, have fun in your little close minded worlds and enjoy being around people who will only fuck you over again and again, remembering how you missed out on a chance at a boyfriend or a friend who cared about you, and you fucked over. I'm leaving you all behind, i hope i never dream about these losers again cause your all phony's! I hate you fake ass mother fuckers!

to sum it all up, Live Long and Lonely Lives! Uhhhhh.... Buh Bye! =)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Zachy!!!

Okay so today is my buddy Zachy's birthday so i wanna give him a shout out! Now what can i say about Zachy!!! Hmmmm, well i haven't known ya quite long enough to roast ya, but I made a wall of some of your favorite things that i tried to remember, lol! Enjoy! =)

Kate Nash

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Mafia Wars
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Sam Sparro
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Tourettes Guy
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District 9
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True Blood
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Xbox 360
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And I can't remember which anime you like so thats why that's not up there :P

This wall is posted in honor of Zachy's 22nd Birthday. Sorry i couldn't think of more at the moment, lol.... Hope your evening turns out awesome!


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Friday, August 14, 2009

My thoughts of the day.

Today i got up and andrej took me to get harvey's burgers... They were alright... everything was kinda dried out, but oh well, food is food. When i came home i started watching season 5 of SYTYCD finally! It's okay i guess, it will never be as good as season 2 and 3 again. Went to cut the grass, and my puppy mya followed along behind trying to bite my ankles. So after i was done, i sprayed her with the water hose, she loved it, then when she was soaking wet, she jumped into the garden and got all muddy... geeze!! lol I've never met a creature that loves water that much, i swear she was a fish in her previous life... Trainer coming in today, first time seeing him. Wonder what it's gonna be like, he might be bringing his full grown German Shepherd, that'd be sweet! Don't know what to do tonight, maybe i'll continue on with my training to get back into dance, possibly up the exercise and stretching level a bit... Gotta start cutting down on salt and hot peppers, their gonna kill me!

I have to start looking in to multi vitamins.. good ones.. I already take fish oil tablets which make my skin really nice. Also need calcium pills that don't raise the acid in my tummy, not good :(.... Don't want my bones to get weak, not with my active lifestyle!

So i spoke to my manager today about who will be taking the new manager position... She said she brought up my name to the district manager, and he said that he will come down to windsor before she leaves and discuss who will be getting the job! Unfortunately, this way leaves no time for training, so yet again, i will be tossed into the deep end.. Oh well, the sacrafices i must make.. iT'LL BE GOOD MONEY, SO FINGERS CROSSED! =D

Thursday, August 13, 2009

New here!

What's up. I'm Mikey. This is my first time using a blogging site. I'm just working on getting the hang of this site then i'll have it up and running properly. Props goin out to my boi Zachy for introducing me to it. Happy Blogging everyone and hope to hear from ya. :)